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Q. Who is Bizmoto?

“Bizmoto” is a trading name of Peppermint Payments Pty Ltd (ACN 615 836 916), which is a subsidiary of Peppermint Innovation Ltd, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with the code “PIL”.

Q. Is Bizmoto regulated by any Financial body?

Peppermint Payments Pty Ltd is registered with AUSTRAC as an Independent Remittance Dealer and Remittance Network Provider with registration number 100534741.

Q. Who is AUSTRAC?

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) is an Australian government financial intelligence agency set up to combat money laundering, organised crime, tax evasion, welfare fraud and terrorism. This is the agency which regulates the remittance sector, including Bizmoto.

Q. Why money transfer through Bizmoto?

Simple: Bizmoto has a platform that is simple and easy to learn. The website has basic information to guide you and our support team is just an email away to help you.

Choices: You can choose to transfer your money in few ways which suits your or your beneficiary’s needs.

Safe: Bizmoto ensure your personal data and money is safe.

Savings: Bizmoto offer competitive exchange rates and transaction fees.

Q. Is it secure to send money through Bizmoto?

Security is our priority. Bizmoto maintains complete transparency to give you better control over your transaction and our thorough verification processes ensures that your money reaches the right person.

Q. Does Bizmoto provide financial advice?

No, Bizmoto can only provide information about its remittance products and services or answers to your service queries. Bizmoto does not provide financial advice.

Q. Who is eligible to Transfer money with Bizmoto?

Any person who is 18 years of age and who has an Australian bank account can apply for to use Bizmoto services.

Q. I sent a payment to the beneficiary and now I want a refund?

If you want to cancel your transaction, you can cancel the transaction on your member account. If conversion has not been completed for this transaction, Bizmoto will refund the full amount to your account. However, if a conversion has already been completed, please notify us and we may charge you fee for the cancellation. If the transaction has already been paid to your recipient, transaction will show as Completed on your member account and is no longer available for cancellation.

Q. Why did less money arrive than expected?

On occasion, the banking network may have to route funds via a correspondent bank to reach your destination; these correspondent banks may levy a transaction charge resulting in your funds arriving short. This is out of Bizmoto’s control, but we strive to ensure that transfers incur the lowest costs possible.

Q. What happens if my funds don’t arrive?

If your funds don’t arrive within the expected timescale, then let us know as soon as possible so that we can investigate. We might have investigate the reason with our bank or other business partners to understand and resolve the issue.

We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Q. How much money can be sent?

The maximum amount of money you can send via Bizmoto is AUD$7,500 per transaction. If you need to send money more than our allowed limit, you may send multiple transactions.




Q. What fees does Bizmoto charge?

Our fees may vary and are published on our website when you start a transaction.

Q.Can I fund transactions through credit card?

Sorry. Currently we do not accept credit cards.

Q. How do I transfer money to Bizmoto?

Bizmoto uses the services of Poli Payments Pty Lytd to collect funds from your bank account with your approval.

Q. How can we deposit cash in Bizmoto account?

No, Bizmoto does not accept cash.

Q. Can I send money through someone else’s account?

We do not accept third-party payments.

Q. Can I transfer money without Registration?

No, as per AUSTRAC regulation and for security purposes, every customer needs to be registered first on our system and have their identity verified before initiating a transaction.

Q. How long does it take to verify identity?

We will verify your identity electronically by asking you to provide few personal data on our website. Every customer will be fully verified at registration process. This process usually takes 5 minutes only. There might be few cases where we need to ask for further details from you in order to complete your registration. You may also be requested to attach a copy of government issued documents like your driving license or passport.

Q. Can I modify my personal details after Registration?

You will be unable to edit details of your profile after signing up. However, you can notify us of any change on your personal data by reaching us through the Contact Us page.

Q. I have been asked for additional documents even after I am identified by Bizmoto?

As a policy, we require you to share your latest copies of your documents. In case the documents you have shared are outdated and have expired, we will need you to share them again before we can process a transaction for you.

Q. Why is Bizmoto asking personal questions at the beginning of my call?

Please take note that when a customer asks for support that is personal in nature specific to an individual’s account, it is Bizmoto’s process to establish first that you are who you say you are. Bizmoto staff will ask your Full Name, Customer Number, Birthday or Mobile Number to ensure we are talking to the right person before divulging any information to you. Bizmoto staff will not, however, ask you to provide us your financial information such as your credit card account.

Q. Am I able to track the status of the transfer?

Yes, you can track the progress of your transfer by logging on to your Member’s Account with Bizmoto and navigating to Transaction History. Otherwise, you will get email notifications as your transfer progresses to completion.




Q. What are Bizmoto’s destination countries?

Money can be sent to India and the Philippines with Bizmoto. Additional countries will be available soon.

Q. I want to send money to this country, can you include this in your list?

Bizmoto will be opening new destination countries soon. Your request will help us to prioritize our expansion. Please do send your suggestions and recommendations through our Contact Us page.

Q. When is the beneficiary or recipient to receive  the money?

This depends on the processing time of the receiving bank, but typically is on the same day if you send funds before 12 noon AEDT.  If funds are sent after this time, the beneficiary or recipient will typically receive the funds on the next business day.

Q. What is Bizmoto’s clearing time?

Cut-off time is 12 noon AEDT. Remittances sent before the cut-off time will be processed on the same day and remittances sent after the cut-off time will be processed on the next day.

Q. How long does it take to send money to the Philippines through Bizmoto?

For cash pick-ups to be collected from Cebuana, funds will be available for collection within 15 minutes during Cebuana branch operating hours*
For bank transfers, funds will be available within 1-2 business days*

Q. What is AUSTRAC?

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) is an Australian government financial intelligence agency set up to combat money laundering, organised crime, tax evasion, welfare fraud and terrorism. This is the same agency regulating remittance sectors such as Bizmoto.




Q.  How can I open a Bizmoto account for my Business?

All you need to do is register as a business while signing up with us.

Q. How can my company create an account with Bizmoto?

Companies can open an account with us. Just register as a corporate. If you are a business that requires bulk payments and other customized payment features, you can contact us to know more about it.

Q. Can I use a personal account for Business payments?

No, personal accounts must be used only for individual or personal purposes.